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Incredible Ice Breakers & Energizers! Kick-start Your Event With This Finest Selection.

Engage Your Audience and Have Them Eating Out of Your Hand!

Our “wicked” ice breaker games and ideas ensure any event gets off to a roaring start, leaving you free to catapult your audience into the stratosphere with the main purpose or message of the day.

Whether you are bringing people together for work, pleasure, or the benefit of the community, it all takes, time, energy, commitment and cash too. You cannot afford to have a flop; your reputation is on the line, and you need to ensure your event is the very best it can be. Using a fun carefully selected icebreaker will endear you to your audience and have them eating out of your hands for the rest of the day!

"For over 20 years, in our training and events company, Eventus Training & Events, we have skillfully used icebreakers to ramp-up the most prestigious of events for the captains of global industries…. companies like Shell, EDF, Lilly, Glaxo & Janssen-Cilag, Virgin." Phil England, MD, Eventus Training & Events

More fun with icebreakers!

Ice breakers, energisers and warm-ups are an essential part of any event that brings people together for work, pleasure or the benefit of the community. Taking the form of games and exercises – physical, creative or cerebral, silly or not so silly, they lighten the atmosphere, energise participants and make it easier for people to get to know each other, and look forward to the main reason for coming together.

  • Icebreakers can be used to kick-start any conference, meeting, training event, party etc.
  • Icebreakers & energisers break down barriers quickly, get people talking and introducing themselves to each other.
  • A successful icebreaker at the start of any event gets your people interacting and having fun.
  • Icebreakers switch people "on" and really get participants engaged, so when you turn to the purpose of the meeting, people are ready, focused and eager to listen to your message.

An icebreaker should be fun, non-threatening and all-inclusive,whether people are meeting for the first time or reconnecting. They can be used with familiar teams and groups as a fun starter to the day’s meeting & to get everyone in the right frame of mind for the main topic of discussion.

Here, we have gathered together over 100 of our very best ice breaker games and ideas. Simply, follow the easy instructions and clear format and you will magically transform your event.Our no-nonsense ebook guides, “ Incredible Icebreaker Games and Ideas” will show you:

  • How to get everyone involved
  • Create a special atmosphere in which people will feel comfortable
  • Enable people to find out what have in common
  • Allow people to move around
  • Learn things about each other
  • Keep participant’s interest
  • Open the door to learning new ideas and concepts
  • Get people to buy into the main purpose of the event

Hear what people have to say:

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"The Limerick icebreaker set exactly the right tone for the evening. We wanted to create a relaxed friendly and slightly unconventional atmosphere that would get people talking and enjoying themselves. Right from the start, that ice breaker showed people what the Foundation experience would be like." Ian Rees, The Swansea Foundation

"Hi Sharon, our group are ladies from church, ages ranging from teenagers to senior citizens.  Our size varies from 20 to 40 and we meet on Saturday mornings every other month for brunch and a program. We have many new ladies each time we meet. The ice-breakers are a fun way to get acquainted and make everyone feel comfortable and welcomed. Our ladies have really enjoyed the ice-breakers I've used so far.  Thanks again, Tari"   Tari Hugie, Bethel Assemblies of God Church

Learn how to run The Limerick Ice Breaker and many, many more incredible ice breakers to make your people wanting more!

However that's not all - we also have Youth and Party Ice Breakers. “Incredible Ice Breaker Games & Ideas” is in 3 ebooks aimed at:

But you will find that all the games and ideas overlap and many can be used successfully for all 3 categories. It might just be the best investment you'll ever make... .Why settle for an average event when you can have a SPECTACULAR EVENT?

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The Ultimate Icebreakers - Complete Collection includes BONUS
The Ultimate Icebreakers - Complete Collection includes BONUS
The "Incredible Ice Breaker Games & Ideas - The Complete Collection" comprises the entire collection of all our Corporate, Youth and Party Icebreakers. Each one is interchangeable and indispensible. Together they will ensure you are ready for any event! For a limited time this also includes 3 Fabulous Fun Team Activities as a BONUS!