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Hood Skittles

Garden & Street Party Games & Ice Breakers

Keep up with royal wedding fever! If you're planning a garden or street party this summer, you'll want to make sure your guests have a memorable time and an experience they'll be talking about for years to come.

Here at Ice Breaker Games & Ideas, we've always had great success using old fashioned traditional British games as garden party ice breakers. They are superb fun and suitable for all ages. Having a few traditional games dotted around your lawns and garden will make for an entertaining afternoon or evening and will help your guests mingle and get to know each other with ease.

There's a myriad of games to choose from:

  • darts,
  • skittles
  • quoits
  • bar skittles
  • shove ha'penny
  • Bar Billiards
  • Aunt Sally
  • Ring the Bull
  • Splat the Rat!
  • Petanque
  •  SMITE
  •  Hood Skittles
  •  Dutch Shuffleboard
  •  giant Jenga

Have just a few games dotted around for a casual, relaxed approach or go for a full blown competitive fun event in teams that is pure fun from start to finish. The great thing about traditional games is you only need to use just a few to impress your guests and make sure they have fun. 

Have a compere announce a few competitions throughout the afternoon eg. "there will be a competition with prizes taking place over at the Darts area in 10 minutes, please make your way over there if you want to join in the fun" or " there is a competition taking place on the Dutch Shuffleboard in 5 minutes, you will need to form a team of 3 - please make your way over there"

If you're going to run a competitive event, we recommend no more than 1 to 1.5/2 hours as the right sort of time allowance. Better to finish with people wanting more!

Your compere for the event should introduce the games, quickly outline the play involved in each game, and then help teams to get started. Vary team size to suit (anything between 3 and 10 people per team can work well).

  • On the sound of the hooter, teams begin their first game. It's race on to score as many points, strikes, or ends as possible before the hooter sounds again to mark the end the round. At each hooter, teams move on to their next game.
  • Conclude with novelty prize-giving  to the winning team.

These games are brilliant as party ice breakers for street parties, garden parties, social events, conference events and team building. They are also great as a fun and lighthearted round-off to a business meeting or team building event. A perfect way to keep the team together following a meeting, conference or away day.

If you would like to know more about traditional games, how to organise events with games, find suppliers for games or make your own games please drop me an email

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Incredible Ice Breaker & Ideas - Party Collection
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