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Party Ice Breakers & Ideas to Make Your Party Sizzle!

Party Fun!

Who doesn’t enjoy a good party?

All the best parties I’ve ever attended or hosted have always included some form of great entertainment and the most memorable have always included a session of fun-filled games and icebreakers. Parties without some form of entertainment are in danger of falling flat – don’t let yours be one of them!

There are all kinds of games and icebreakers that can be used to make your party a roaring success. There are Icebreakers that serve to introduce people to one another in a laughter filled way and get your party off to a swinging start - especially useful when you can’t get around to introduce everyone. There are ice breaker games for all ages:

  • family parties
  • reunions with mixed ages or
  • children and
  • teen parties
  • outdoor parties
  • works parties
  • birthday parties
  • celebrations

The only thing you have to do is select a few games and learn how to play them. It’s not difficult, I can assure you, but if you feel nervous about this, ask Party Peoplesomeone to run them for you. I’ve made this bit easier for you by putting together a selection of my most favourite icebreakers and games so you don’t have to spend precious time searching.

My ebook of my most favourite games and icebreakers is guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face. It's guaranteed to:


  • liven up proceedings
  • speed up the getting to know you stage
  • reduce the stress of will they, won’t they get along?
  • help people reconnect – people who have not seen each other for a long time
  • make a party fun and memorable
  • prevent boredom from creeping in – I can only chat for so long – after that I want to do something fun and entertaining

Icebreakers are an inexpensive source of entertainment and can be used for small or large gatherings of people

Our party icebreakers ebook is great for family parties, reunions and mixed ages.

Try this sample:

Picture This!

Group size: any

Time: 15/20 minutes

Equipment needed: Prepared list of movies, pen and several sheets of paper for each team

Prepare a list of 10 well known movies in advance, bearing in mind the type of players you have. Split the group into 2-4 teams and send each team to a different room or corner of the room, armed with pen and paper. Ask one person from each team to come forward and whisper to them the title of the first movie. They then go back to their team and attempt to communicate by drawing the title of the movie. They must not speak and must communicate only in picture form. As soon as the correct answer is guessed, another player is sent to get the next movie. The first team to guess all 10 movies is the winner.

So what are you waiting for? For ONLY $7.95 for a pack of easy to run party icebreakers you can start planning your party immediately, knowing you’ve got some great tried and trusted games lined up


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