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"4 of My All Time Favourite Ice Breakers"

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Ships Ahoy Conference Ice Breaker

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Fun Conference Ice Breaker for Large Groups

I came across this conference ice breaker yesterday quite by accident. It's a bit slow in getting going but stick with it and the group looks they are having a lot of fun!

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Fun Energizer for Groups

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Energizer ice breakerHere's a fantastic fun ice breaker or energizer to help participants get involved in a session straight away. It's high energy and a version of the old "Bingo" favourite.

 So, get a sheet of paper and design like a bingo card with a number of boxes. 8 or 10 is a good number depending upon numbers in your group. Think of some wacky tasks that you can ask individuals to perform and write down each task in a box. Copy the sheet and give a sheet to each participant.

When you say GO, ask them to mingle with the crowd and try and find a person to perform each of the individual tasks. When one person has performed a task you ask them to sign the box on the sheet and then go and look for another person to perform the next task. The first person to have a signature in each box shouts "finished" and is the winner.

Suggestions for tasks could include:

  • Ask someone to sing the first verse of a song
  • Ask someone to recite their favourite poem
  • Ask someone to talk about a topic of their choice for 1 minute without pausing (you time them)
  • Ask some one to perform 5 push ups or press ups
  • Ask someone to play dead for 1 minute
  • Ask someone to teach you a dance movement
  • Ask someone to tell you a joke
  • Ask someone to make you laugh whilst you try to keep a straight face
  • Ask someone to sit in a yoga position for 30 seconds
  • Ask someone to stand on one leg for 40 seconds

The effect will be a raucous and lively energizer. Completely uplifting! Your group will love it!

Sharon Naylor is passionate about ice breaker games for work, play, parties, meetings, groups and clubs. In fact anywhere people are connecting to others whether it be for the first time or even when familiar with each other. Ice breaker games and energisers inject a sense of fun into gatherings, speed up that getting to know you stage and get people ready to face the rest of the event with high energy and expectation. For more brilliant ice breaker ideas that you can use with your own groups and teams visit the ice breaker ideas web-site.

How to Use Ice Breaker Games

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Fun ice breakersAnyone can use ice breaker games to bring fun to an event, liven up proceedings and quickly disperse that awkward getting to know you stage.  Whether you find yourself in charge of organising a wedding, family reunion, meeting , function or charity event, ice breaker games are an invaluble way of helping people to feel relaxed more quickly and comfortably. Use them at the beginning of a gathering of people and help people socialise quickly.

Use ice breaker games as energizers part way through a conference or meeting. They help maintain interest and excitement within the meeting and help people keep focussed. They keep people's attention and prevent boredom from setting in.

Think also about using them for youth groups, schools events, charity meetings etc. - in fact anywhere people are coming together for a common purpose.

Take a look at our great selection of ice breaker games to enhance any event

Large Group Icebreaker

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We're often being asked for a large group ice breaker for conferences and conventions and I have to share one of my favourite all time ice breakers - Limericks. I love this game and have used it so many times as a  large group ice breaker on many events. It always gets a laugh; it really gets people mixing and groups will end up in teams of five which is really useful if you want them split into groups for anything else. So here goes:

You will need to find some humourous limericks - the web is always a good place to look for these. You will need to print each limerick out and cut into strips. There are 5 lines per limerick and you will need one line of a limerick per person. Your group numbers will not necessarily divide equally by 5 so a few people will have a couple of lines. Mix all the limericks up and hand out a line per person. Ask the group to mingle and try and find the 4 other lines to make up their limerick. Once each limerick has been put together ask the small groups to stay together until all other limericks have been matched. Once everyone has been matched up ask the groups to read out their limericks and congratulate on a job well done.

Depending upon numbers this will take around half an hour for 30/40 people. For larger numbers, the task is harder and you may want to number the limerick lines with 1-5 to make it easier.

For more great ice breaker games and ideas for large groups, small groups, school groups, meetings, youth groups etc. check out our web-site

Conference Ice Breaker Team Event Goes Down A Storm in Paris

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Here's some news from our sister company Eventus Training & Events who are just returning from an exciting trip to Paris where they have just completed  a conference icebreaker...


Great International Marble Run Challenge

Collaboration on the Great International Marble Run Challenge

Well I just heard back from our team in Paris and their event went very well for all 750 people taking part. It is the largest event we have done for a long time. The Great International Marble Run Challenge is perfect for large groups and international teams whether they be large conference energizers or much smaller affairs. Ably assisted by our French office we supplied a Franco-British team of English and French speakers to assist the delegates. 120 teams took part in an event that went around the world to 120 international cities in 30 different countries. It was great fun and a brilliant day.

The only down side to running events for large groups is the clearing away afterwards! You can't expect the delegates to do it or can you? It took the Eventus team 3 hours just to clear and take down the equipment. Anyway they're on their merry way back to the Channel now, just hope they don't get caught in the snow predicted for the South East More live conference energiser or ice breaker team games can be found at