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Beach gamesTeenage Party Ideas  - What makes for a memorable teenage party?

When I think back to my childhood, the things I remember most vividly are the times we did things I loved that were in someway unusual or outdoors:  picnics, camping, beach daycampfires, cooking breakfast on the open moors and lazy river days.

Times have obviously moved on a pace from then, but looking at my list , my most memorable experiences have all been simple and low-cost. It got me thinking – are we missing a trick here- thinking that we always have to provide something Fires on the beachnew, novel, exciting and costly?

Certainly for teenagers – it may be the time to get back to basics with a few ideas thrown in. Why not pack your teens up with a surprise picnic/party hamper and take them to an idyllic beach, park/spot for a couple of hours? Part of the excitement would be in opening the picnic/party hamper and viewing its contents. Apart from great food, birthday cake and drinks you could use your imagination and add:

  • some cool ice breaker party games instructions
  • a treasure/scavenger hunt
  • a quiz about the party girl/boy
  • party poppers, balloons etc.
  • games stuff – bat, ball, soft ball, frisbee, cricket bat etc.
  • And anything else that you can think of!

Then leave them to it for a couple of hours and arrange to pick them up at a set time. Always keep in phone contact in case of emergencies. This is all about giving them a memorable experience and a bit of independence for a short while.

There is a massive amount of trust involved here, so keep the party small and manageable and don’t forget to lay down a few guidelines too such as:

  • No rubbish to be dropped
  • Everything to be packed back into the bags at pick-up time
  • Always stay together
  • No wandering off
  • Behave in a mature and responsible way

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