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Party Icebreakers

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Party peopleI was invited to a birthday party of a long time friend not that long ago and call me a party pooper but I really did not want to go. Why not you ask? Well I knew we would not know a soul but the party hostess, who would be busy with all her social duties, and the last time I went to such a party I was looking forward to leaving as soon as I got there. It's not that I'm unsociable or boring (at least I hope not) - it's just that people don't seem to introduce people these days and sometimes it's such an effort to be always making conversation with new people.

Get in the party moodNow if they'd employed a few interesting and fun-filled party ice breakers to introduce people and make people feel more relaxed I would definitely have wanted to stay.

This is one of my prime reasons for using ice breakers at any event you host. Whether it be a party or social function, or a corporate meeting, training or company bash, you want people to be buzzing and telling people how great it was and really looking forward to the next event, meeting or whatever! That's why i'm such a great advocate of  ice breaker games for any event.

Don't let your people be party poopers, going home and telling people how boring it was. Get them interacting and having fun. No event should be without an ice breaker game at any cost. Make sure your event is an event to remember - get ice breaker games and ideas from the ice breaker ideas web-site

Garden Party Ice Breakers

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Splat the Rat!

Splat the Rat!

Great Pub Game - Aunt Sally
Great Pub Game - Aunt Sally

 We ran a fantastic team building event last week making full use of our collection of Old Fashioned British Pub Games (and a few not so old and not so British). Although it was a corporate team building event it would make a really good party idea and/ice breaker.

Our team building event was held on the lawns of a priory on a gloriously hot sunny afternoon. The atmosphere was soon relaxed when participants discovered the fun to be had with these brilliant games. Have you ever tried Aunt Sally? or Ring the Bull? Quoits? Northamptonshire Skittles? Dutch shuffleboard? Splat the Rat? If not you're missing out on a lot of fun!

 So if you want to have a great lawn or garden party why not hire some of these games or even purchase a few and build up a collection? They're always great fun party ice breakers and can be used all year round, indoors and outdoors. We use them all the time for our own parties as well as team building and ice breaker events. Watch out though - you will need lots of storage space and once people know you have got them, you and your games will always be in demand.  

 How to use the games? You can either have a relaxed "have-a-go event" where you lay out the games and people wander around having a go at whatever they please. Or for a more frantic and exciting event, divide people into teams and run a round robin from game to game. You will need to work out a scoring system for each game and have a hooter to blow at the end of each round.

For more great party ideas and ice breaker games to instantly make your parties sizzle this season visit the Ice Breaker Ideas web-site

World Cup Themed Ice Breaker Party Games

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Considering throwing a World Cup party to support your team? Warm-up to World Cup Fever with fabulous World Cup themed ice breaker games. What better way to envelope the spirit of the world cup by throwing your own world cup party

So get the beers in, TV at the ready, BBQ sizzling and warm-up your guests with a few football themed ice breaker games and you'll be well away.World Cup fever

Here's a few ideas to set your World Cup party alight:

Match the Players

Select a few "unknown" and better known players from the world cup teams and write them down on a slip of paper. Cut the strips in half so you have a first and a last name on each. Shuffle them all up and hand one out to each person, and then ask everyone to find the other half of their name. There will no doubt be lots of real football fanatics around who will be able to help with the more obscure pairings.


Give party goers a first and last name of a player that does not match. Tell everyone they have to find the correct name of a player in their hands, with matching first and last names. Ask people to move around the room swapping one part of their name at a time. The first person to end up with a complete name is the winner.

Other Ice breaker Ideas

Name the Flags - easy and simple - ask everyone to match the flags to the world cup countries

Harder - Match the player's kit or strip to  the countries

World Cup Trivia Quiz - lots of fun could be had around here with a bit of research

Picture Quiz - cut out player's from the papers and ask everyone to name the player

For more great ice breaker games and ideas to make your parties swing take a look at our web-site ice breaker