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Family Fun Day

IFamily Fun Dayf you're a corporate group looking for ideas for a family fun day to say thanks to your employees and their families, or if you're looking to hold a community family fun day then this is the page for you.

We like the fun fair, country fete ideas that gives lots of scope and caters for different age groups. Of course there are many companies that will provide the whole event for you but you can also have a go at organising this yourselves.

The first consideration is where you might hold such an event?

A large grassy area is ideal, preferably with toilets nearby as you won't want the extra cost and hassle of providing these. Think of a sports ground, show ground, village hall or the grounds of an hotel. Or you may be fortunate to have large outdoor spaces where you work. Don't forget about parking too!

Think also about whether you need power to run attractions or to provide food.

If you do require power you will need to make sure you are a short distance from a power supply or you will have to have a generator.

How will you feed people?

A popular idea is to have a BBQ, and with charcoal BBQs and gas-burning BBQs the problem of power supply disappears. Make sure you have a good location for your food area with plenty of space and tables for serving as well as for the rest of the BBQ meal.

Now for the main attraction. How will you entertain people?

Family Fun DayMy suggestion is that you should have some sort of main space in the centre of the area for the main attraction with side stalls around the edge.You might consider roping off a main arena so it doesn't get used for other things. What could you have in the main arena? The main purpose is entertainment so who or what do you know? Ideas for entertainment could include: singing - do you know  a good band? Dancing either as a demonstration or as participation eg. line dancing,ceilidh or folk dancing or why not teach something like salsa or flamenco and get a demonstration too? Other ideas for a main attraction could be:


  • participative game such as a football match - dads v lads
  • choir
  • band
  • magician
  • dancers
  • talent show
  • game show
  • fun challenges that could be completed in teams
  • circus skills
  • fire eating
  • School Sports day
  • Mini Olympics
Scour local papers and ads for local entertainment acts or find employees with talent for your Family Fun Day. If you want to be ambitious you could have a whole timetable of events for the main attraction arena.
Side Stalls
Splat the Rat on Family Fun DayAround the edge of the site you want to think about side stalls. What will people do if they're not involved in the main attraction? Side stalls make the event even more fun. There are many,many ideas. You could hire or make your own and could include old-fashioned games like:
  • Ring the Bull
  • Splat the Rat!
  • Skittle Alley
  • Quoits
  • Hoopla
  • Tin Can Alley
  • Coconut Shy
  • Hood skittles
  • Aunt Sally
  • Giant Games such as Jenga
  • Bagatelle
  • Dutch Shuffleboard
  • Bar Skittles
  • Shov'appeny
  • Darts
  • Horse shoe throwing
  • Lassooing
  • Hook a duck
  • Bouncy castle or other inflatable
  • Face painting
  • Vintage cars, machinery
You will also need some side food stalls to make the atmosphere fun and festive:
  • candyfloss
  • toffee apples
  • popcorn
  • strawberries and cream
  • home made lemonade
Banners and buntingShelter
All stalls should be manned and some form of shelter should be provided for each stall in case of poor weather. Gazebos offer a fun and economical form of shelter; large enough to get a game and a few people underneath whilst looking colourful and festive. You may be able to beg or borrow these from friends and neighbours or purchase cheaply from garden centres.
You will need to have some form of PA system to make announcements and for background music.
Flags, banners and bunting
Don't forget banners, flags and bunting too. It all goes to creating a visually exciting place to be.