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Conference Ice Breakers

Use Ice Breakers & Energizers within a conference context to get people engaged, "warmed-up" and lookccc (122)ing forward, with enthusiasm, towards the main theme of the conference.

Seating arrangements for conferences, in rows and around tables, makes it more difficult to find space for "getting to know you" ice breakers and energizers; you will need to be even more creative.

During the day when energy is low, use energisers to stave off that sleepy afternoon feeling - ready to start again with bursts of enthusiasm. Long sessions of speakers with little audience participation often have the opposite effect of what's intended: lethargy replaces inspiration. So it's now even more important to throw in some carefully selected games and ideas to "lift" the mood.

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Olympic Themed Conference

A few suggestions you could try:

  • Drumming - fits well with seats in rows where there is no place to move around. Everyone has a drum and amazing music can result in a short period of time
  • Singing - can be a hugely uplifting experience to sing enmasse - make a CD recording for all delegates to take home
  • Exercise - Find an exercise instructor that can run simple exercises from the platform for delegates standing up from their seats
  • Table Top Games - If seated around tables our sister company, Eventus has some great ideas for conference energisers - see www.eventus.co.uk

 Olympic Themed Ice Breaker

Olympic RingsIf you have a bit more space around the conference room why not think about an Olympic themed event?

Nothing increases the passion, desire and focus of an individual or team more than a big sporting event like the Olympic Games. Now with the focus on Brazil for the summer games of 2016, Olympic fever is building all over again. All eyes are on the iconic city and what better way to arouse your conference delegates with a few Olympic style ice breakers.

Introduce the "Spirit of the Olympics" Ice Breaker. It's a fantastic theme for any conference and an ice breaker game would work all the better if the scene is set around the areas of :

  • pulling together
  • every person in the team plays a crucial role
  • team leadership
  • discipline
  • motivation
  • talent
  • hard work
  • support and encouragement
  • trust
  • dealing with set backs
  • learning from the experts

Split the group into teams by countries either real or fictitious and talk about re-creating the fervour, feelings and desire right now.

Give 10 to 20 minutes for teams to introduce themselves and produce a national identity. This could include a flag, emblem, song, national costume etc.

If you're seated in conference rows, you could do a Ball Relay by passing the ball from one end of the row to the other. When it reaches the end, the person holding the ball raises a flag. First to raise the flag are the winners.

Or if you have a large group seated in several conference rows you could do a ball relay for each set of rows and get someone to time each set with a stopwatch. Sounds simple and it is - but it's a good fun icebreaker and everyone has to play their part as fast as they can. You could also add variations like if you drop the ball it goes back to the beginning. Add several balls one after the other and maybe a quoit or a frisbee or a very large object like a massive balloon that is hard to hold and requires several people to help. Have a sack at the end to collect all the items. First complete sack are the winners.

If you have a bit more space in your meeting room or an outdoor area you might be able to set up a Round Robin of "Olympic Events" for example:

  • Javelin using foam javelins
  • Shot put using foam shotputs
  • Jumping from a standstill - furthest wins
  • Standing on one leg- longest time wins
  • Team skiing around a few cones - make your own set of skis using 2 planks and a sling for each person - see photo
  • Tug of war (see Incredible Ice Breaker Games and Ideas - Youth Collection)
  • Space hopper race - great fun
  • Quoits
  • Paper darts - furthest flight wins
  • Giant jenga - tallest tower wins
  • Frisbees for discus
  • Mini golf
  • Bean bag chuck into a bucket

The list of possible games is endless - just use your imagination

Have a few adjudicators on hand with stopwatches. Split everyone into teams and have a buzzer or something to start each round and a whistle to end each round. Make rounds short - about ten minutes per game. Fast and furious is always best if somewhat chaotic!

Get a few medallions and make a few laurel wreaths and end with an Olympic medal ceremony

Great fun!!

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