Ice Breakers, Games and Ideas to Make Your Youth Group Meetings Fun!

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"Hi my name is Sharon Naylor and I’ve been using icebreakers to engage young participants at conferences and events for many more years than I’d like to admit to!

As a young participant in youth organisations through church, guides, brownies, youth club, sports clubs and school, I adored the ice breaker games aspect of everything we did. It was always a fun start to the day and later as a youth worker I could see the games magic working – children and young teenagers could get to know each other through games without embarrassment and strained conversation. So through many experiences I became a collector of icebreakers and have used them throughout my working life in formal youth training sessions, parties, conferences and events."

Successfully run youth group ice breakers:

  • Enable young people to get to know each other quickly
  • Get to know each other in a safe and non-Youth Group Ice Breakersthreatening environment
  • Provide a fun start to the day
  • Can be used as energisers throughout the day
  • Stops the boredom rot
  • Enables young people to have fun together
  • Engages teenagers quickly so they are ready for the main session
  • Breaks down barriers
  • Begin the relationship building process
  • Does not exclude
  • Enables reserved youngsters to participate alongside more confident individuals

In my experience the start to any event is the most critical, it’s where you can win or lose an audience, and a carefully chosen icebreaker can do the job of getting your young audience’s attention for you. Energy will be raised and they will be excited, eager and ready to hear what’s next

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Incredible Ice Breaker Games & Ideas - Youth Collection
Incredible Ice Breaker Games & Ideas - Youth Collection
Get your young people running on all cylinders with our high-energy collection of Ice Breakers and Ideas. Especially chosen and used over many years with great success

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The Ultimate Icebreakers - Complete Collection includes BONUS
The Ultimate Icebreakers - Complete Collection includes BONUS
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