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"4 of My All Time Favourite Ice Breakers"

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Fun Games For Kids

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Fun Things To Do With Kids!

Fun Things To Do With Kids

Don't forget the most fun can often be had with simple things like a swing! No need for sophisticated toys, all you need is a tree and a rope. Our kids had so much fun with a swing and even though my daughter is now 17 she is still asking her grandfather to make her a swing!

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Street Party Fever Hits UK

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Banners and buntingOver 2 billion people around the world watched William and Kate get married! Who thought the monarchy was dead? Almost as many people in the US got up early to watch it on TV as in the UK and that was nearly 24 million! It was a fantastic spectacle and it is what Britain does best: pomp and pageantry and they didn't let us down!

Away from the streets of London, the country too was awash with street parties and celebrations. The special bank holiday saw houses, pubs and clubs around the country decked out with Union Jack flags and bunting. For just for a few days the country was alive and buzzing; the mood had lifted, spirits were high and economic woes were forgotton.

Papers report the millions of pounds of additional income such an event brings to the country. Now I'm not suggesting that we have a royal wedding everyday but we should celebrate and come together a bit more often; impromptu parties and BBQs; picnics with family and friends; neighbourly fetes and events to get people together; fund-raising fairs and events for good causes. These are all things that bring people together and can have fun organising as well as taking part.

Should you be tempted in the next few months to take advantage of the weather and lay on a party or two don't forget to check-out our ice breaker ideas web-site for fantastic party ice breakers , games and garden party ideas.

Holiday Games

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Hi there!

I just got back from great holidays with my folks, sisters, nephew and in-laws - 12 of us in a big house together. Our kids really look forward to having family time together, and whilst we usually pick a big, remote house with plenty of nature, landscapes, hiking and not a lot else - there's not a great deal of laptop, computers, facebook accessibility for the kids - hurraah! So what did they get up to in the evenings? Good old fashioned board games, jigsaws and card games. One in particular got their attention....PIT

Do people play PIT anymore? I was given this card game by someone as a child and i remember hilarious games with everyone shouting and grabbing cards. My mother in particular was very fond of this game and she had brought it for my daughter's birthday.

Every night we enjoyed a raucous game of PIT. The kids were really into it. If you've never had the pleasure of a game of PIT you should really try it. It's a fast paced card game that simulates the bidding in a commodities market. You will be trading wheat for straw and barley for oats until someone corners the market and shouts PIT! You will be laughing for hours and won't want to stop. Make sure the grandparents are out of hearing because it's loud, loud, loud!!

So make your holidays something to remember. We have hundreds of games and ice breaker ideas and games to make your holidays, reunions, parties and group meetings a non-stop fun event. Visit our web-site - ice breaker