My 4 Favourite Icebreakers!

"4 of My All Time Favourite Ice Breakers"

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Great Ice Breaker Ideas!

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Fun Games For Kids

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Fun Things To Do With Kids!

Fun Things To Do With Kids

Don't forget the most fun can often be had with simple things like a swing! No need for sophisticated toys, all you need is a tree and a rope. Our kids had so much fun with a swing and even though my daughter is now 17 she is still asking her grandfather to make her a swing!

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Ice Breakers

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On Friday we will be enjoying the last few days of the school holidays with friends - we're off to the theatre in Cardiff with friends who have 2 children, similar ages to ours.

Everytime we meet up the kids insist we play an ice breaker game we have played with them since they were small. We know it as "Killer" but you might know it as "Wink Murder" or some other name. It's a great party ice breaker!

They find it so much fun, that even though they are now 13 and 14 years old, we still have to play it. Here's how it goes:

How to Play Killer:

Tear a peice of paper into strips, enough for each person in the room. On one peice write Policeman and on another write Killer. Fold all the strips of paper up and place in a bowl. Pass the bowl round and get each person to take a peice of paper. Without saying anything each person looks at the paper, folds it back up and places back in the bowl.

When asked the policeman reveals themself. The killer keeps quiet. The object of the game is for the policeman to catch the killer before the killer, kills all the players. How does the killer kill all the players? By winking at them!

Everyone is silent during the game apart from the policeman who is the only person who can speak when trying to identify the killer -if they get it wrong the killer has won.

When a player has been winked at by the killer they can let out a blood curdling cry as they slump to the floor or silently crumple! Obviously the killer has to try and wink at people when the policeman is not looking at them and it helps if you sit in a circle!

Give it a go and let me know your favourite ice breaker game.

Don't forget we have hundreds of "killer" ice breaker games and ideas on our web-site and many can be instantly downloadable in formats for youth groups, parties and corporate groups.

What Makes for a Memorable Birthday Party for Children?

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Birthday treat at the zooBasically you have 3 choices: 

  •    Run the party at home or nearby venue and do it yourself
  •    Run the party at home and get people in to do the catering and entertainment
  •    Take them somewhere to be entertained and fed by someone elseMural painting

In my experience thinking that a home party is easier and cheaper is not always the case. Money/time spent on food/prizes/themes/decorations/partyware can work out more expensive in the long run.

What makes a good venue for a child's party?  In the summer there is plenty of choice and you can't beat the beach! If not the beach then a picnic areas, zoo, park, theme park, swimming pool, castle, fayres, pony rides, water park would be just as good.

In winter think about the cinema, theatre, interactive museums, ski slopes, tobaggon runs, paintballing

For home entertainment you could try a magician, ballooon artist, fortune teller, clown, cartoon artist, bouncy castle, trampoline, face painting, cooking, t-shirt design, mask making and all kinds of art and craft projects such as collage, murals, painting egg cups, mugs, plates etc. There are lots of ceramic paints these days that you can decorate on porcelain and easily fix by baking in the oven. These make great little projects to take home. Find lots of projects at your local craft store.

Having fun in the fountainOf course if your child's birthday is around Halloween, then a halloween party with dressing up, spooky stories and  pumpkin stencil carving is a must

Theming your child's party is also a must - fairies, princesses, Disney, colour themes, pirates, animals, action man, teddy bears, soldiers, cowboys and indians, knights, Robin Hood, Murder Mystery, karaoke, football, all kinds of sports; favourite movies, musicals and books - there's so much choice!

Match the food and decoration to the theme, plus invitations, partyware etc. Buy loads of cheap prizes from dollar and pound stores

Don't forget games for the garden and beach to include football, cricket, rounders, soft ball, frisbee,

Other ideas include lighting a campfire in the garden and have spooky stories. Sleep in tents overnight and get children to decorate the tent

But above all don't forget the ever important ice breaker games to get children joining in. More ideas at

Themed Treasure Hunt for Kids

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Here's a great little ice breaker  for kids' parties -  a very simple treasure hunt  that can be themed around your event. Cut out some themed shapes from card in advance - so you might make up easter egg shapes for an easter hunt or Christmas tree shapes for Christmas parties. Mark the back of a few shapes with an X and then hide them around the garden or house. Any child that finds a shape with an x marked on it can trade it in for a prize.  Simple but fun!

Collect small containers to put sweets in as a variation.

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