My 4 Favourite Icebreakers!

"4 of My All Time Favourite Ice Breakers"

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5 Big Reasons to use an Ice Breaker at Your Next Event

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5 big reasons to run an ice breaker at your next event

Why do all the great facilitators and party hosts build short and fast ice breakers into their sessions and social functions?

I'll tell you why - because they work and have great impact.

Here are my 5 big reasons why you should consider running an ice breaker game at the start of every meeting, party, social gathering, conference, club session etc.

  1. An ice breaker builds rapport quickly. A short and simple ice breaker has people interacting in ways that would be difficult and take a long time to otherwise.
  2. A well conducted ice breaker game eases tension and reduce that awkward initial meeting and greeting bit where people try and find out a bit about each other
  3. An ice breaker engages people and gives people something to do instead of waiting awkwardly for proceedings to begin.
  4. A well matched ice breaker prepares people for the main message of the day.
  5. An ice breaker is a powerful tool for the facilitator or leader. It enables people to learn more about you and gets people on your side.

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