You've put together a fantastic programme of events for your annual conference, company meeting or away day. It's jam packed with content that you want to get across. You've spent loads of time and money fine-tuning the event. Now it's time to make sure your delegates don't fall asleep with overload! Use some high-energy ice breakers and energizers to keep them awake!


Here's a  high energy version of the old "Bingo" favourite.

In advance prepare a sheet of paper like a bingo card with a number of boxes. 8 or 10 is a good number depending upon numbers in your group. Think of some wacky tasks that you can ask individuals to perform and write down each task in a box. Copy the sheet and give a sheet to each delegate.

Instruct the group to mingle with the crowd and try and find a person to perform each of the individual tasks. When one person has performed a task you ask them to sign the box on the sheet and then go and look for another person to perform the next task. The first person to have a signature in each box shouts "finished" and is the winner.

Suggestions for tasks could include:

  • Ask someone to sing a Beatles song
  • Ask someone to recite their favourite song
  • Ask someone to talk about their old school for 1 minute without pausing (you time them)
  • Ask some one to perform 5 push ups or press ups
  • Say hello in 3 different languages
  • Recite the alphabet backwards
  • Count to 20 in a foreign language
  • Ask someone to tell you a joke
  • Ask someone to make you laugh whilst you try to keep a straight face
  • Ask someone to stand on one leg for 40 seconds

The effect will be raucous and lively and completely energizing! Your group will love it!



High energy icebreakerThis game should be played fast and furiously to keep energy levels raised.

Get everyone to stand in a circle. Tell them that when you shout out the name of a group you want everyone who belongs to that group to come to the centre of the circle. You might shout "everyone wearing blue trousers", and everyone wearing blue trousers comes up to the middle. Quickly you announce the next group which might be "everyone who likes to watch films" and then the next group is formed and anyone who doesn't like films goes back to the outer circle. Call a rapid succession of groups so people barely have time to go back to the outer circle before they are asked to re-join a new group.

Quick review:

How many groups did people join? How did you feel about this?

Who didn't join any group? How did this make you feel?

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