My 4 Favourite Icebreakers!

"4 of My All Time Favourite Ice Breakers"

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Great Ice Breaker Ideas!

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Team Building Activity

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 Start off your meeting or training session with a fun, experiential team activity and your team will be firing on all cylinders right from the word "go"! Dynamic and participative, we strongly believe in the experiential element of getting teams to have a go together at something fun together. They can be used for:

  • Breaking the ice at the start of a session
  • Breaking down barriers between individuals
  • Creative problem-solving
  • Illustrating a training point
  • Creating team dynamics
  • Providing an opportunity to review the way teams work
  • To give feedback on team roles
  • Low-cost exercises for when budgets are tight
  • Ice breakers for conferences and both small and large events
  • Kids love them too!

However you use these fun team activities you will find that they can have a real impact on your event. We have used them on all our team building events for over 20 years. In tough times they are also extrememly economical; you can run these team activites yourself without having to employ expensive outsiders! Check out the ice breaker ideas web-site for more on the sticky rope team activity and for ice breaker and training ideas to sky rocket your events!

Fun Energizer for Groups

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Energizer ice breakerHere's a fantastic fun ice breaker or energizer to help participants get involved in a session straight away. It's high energy and a version of the old "Bingo" favourite.

 So, get a sheet of paper and design like a bingo card with a number of boxes. 8 or 10 is a good number depending upon numbers in your group. Think of some wacky tasks that you can ask individuals to perform and write down each task in a box. Copy the sheet and give a sheet to each participant.

When you say GO, ask them to mingle with the crowd and try and find a person to perform each of the individual tasks. When one person has performed a task you ask them to sign the box on the sheet and then go and look for another person to perform the next task. The first person to have a signature in each box shouts "finished" and is the winner.

Suggestions for tasks could include:

  • Ask someone to sing the first verse of a song
  • Ask someone to recite their favourite poem
  • Ask someone to talk about a topic of their choice for 1 minute without pausing (you time them)
  • Ask some one to perform 5 push ups or press ups
  • Ask someone to play dead for 1 minute
  • Ask someone to teach you a dance movement
  • Ask someone to tell you a joke
  • Ask someone to make you laugh whilst you try to keep a straight face
  • Ask someone to sit in a yoga position for 30 seconds
  • Ask someone to stand on one leg for 40 seconds

The effect will be a raucous and lively energizer. Completely uplifting! Your group will love it!

Sharon Naylor is passionate about ice breaker games for work, play, parties, meetings, groups and clubs. In fact anywhere people are connecting to others whether it be for the first time or even when familiar with each other. Ice breaker games and energisers inject a sense of fun into gatherings, speed up that getting to know you stage and get people ready to face the rest of the event with high energy and expectation. For more brilliant ice breaker ideas that you can use with your own groups and teams visit the ice breaker ideas web-site.