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1. What are the most "fun icebreakers?"

This is a question we get asked a lot? All icebreakers are meant to be FUN that's the whole point! However it's all down to preference really both for the leader and the participants. You will find by trying lots of different icebreakers you will soon know which ones you enjoy the most, which ones get the most laughs and which ones produce the results you want etc. However here's my all time list of great fun ice breakers.

ANSWER: "A fun icebreaker I absolutely love is  "Sheep and Shepherd" but it's only really suitable for small groups of about 6/7. It's also a fantastic "Communication Icebreaker or Exercise" and is used in many team building programmes. A full description is available in our BONUS section which is free for everyone purchasing all 3 of our Icebreaker Ebooks - Corporate, Youth and Party.

Another fun icebreaker I love is "Truth or Lie" It's really easy to set-up, non-threatening and can be outrageous fun. More details in "Incredible Icebreaker Games & Ideas - Corporate Collection"

2. What would you recommend for a "Large Group Icebreaker?"

ANSWER: I would recommend one of my all time favourite fun ice-breakers called "Limericks". Again it's easy to set-up and it really gets people mixing. If you need then to end up in small teams of 5 or sitting around tables in new teams even better! More details can be found in the Corporate Collection of Ice breakers. This game is suitable for corporate groups, youth and is excellent for parties too! In fact we played it just recently at the launch of a new networking, business group and I overheard someone say "I'm going to play this game at my wedding!"

3. What's a "good ice breaker?"

Another frequently asked question and quite a difficult one to answer. A good icebreaker is one that:

  • Matches its target audience
  • Dovetails well with the main topic of the day
  • Does what its intended to do e.g. learn names, break down barriers, injects fun and/or energy
  • Enhances the event
  • Does not humiliate participants
  • Non-threatening
  • Safe for all
  • FUN for all

The faciliatator must do their job by picking an appropriate ice breaker game. They must know this icebreaker well and have practised in advance. A good icebreaker can be ruined by ill preparation. And finally a good ice breaker leaves participants wanting more, not running for cover!

4. What are good icebreaker games for teenagers?

The same principles apply. The ice breaker must be relevant, meet the needs of the group, be well-prepared etc. However for  teenagers, you might want to add more physical games. Doing something physical is a great barrier breaking activity and will bring in the shyer kids who may not be so happy with the more formal introductions. For quick,  easy more active icebreakers try:

  • Changing seats
  • Knots
  • Knees
  • Pass the Hoop

Full details of these games are all in the Youth Collection

5. Have you got any FREE icebreaker games?

Yes, if you take a look around the web-site you will find free icebreakers dotted around all over the place, particularly under Communication Icebreakers, Party icebreakers, Quick Icebreakers

6. What's a good team building icebreaker?

We use ice breakers at the start of our team building sessions all the time. Usually a team will know each other well and it will be you who is the new kid in town. Use the icebreaker for you to get to know the group and for them to get to know and trust YOU. Start with a NAME icebreaker for your benefit and then a team orientated icebreaker for FUN. Our corporate collection has many such icebreakers. If you would like to know more about how you can use experiential team challenges and exercises to run a team building day take a look at our sister web-site. Here you will find a lot of team exercises that you can buy and run for yourself. Several of these coupled with reviews will make a great team building day.