Team Building Activities & Training Games to Run Yourself

You've come to the right place! You can now instantly transform your meetings, training programmes, away days and events from dull and dreary to fun and engaging. Instantly download team games and team building activities as used by professional, global team building provider with more than 20 magic years in the business.

  •  All activities developed and successfully being used by one of the foremost global team building providers
  •  No "watered-down" scenarios or boring role plays here
  •  We expertly show you how to run an engaging and fun team activity
  •  Comprehensive, expert guidance in running and debriefing the activity
  •  Buy  team activities & training games online - it's simple and quick
  • Followed by full digital copies of all documents posted to you, for you to edit and customise
  •  Email support from our experts to help you get the most from each activity
  •  LICENCE FREE - so you can use again and again
  •  A fraction of the cost of bringing in an event management company
  •  No-quibble money-back guarantee on games if you are not delighted

Team activitiesWe been providing top quality team building events for more than 23  years. We have a reputation for intelligent and thought-provoking team activities and training games. Now you can tap into that expertise.

You've probably tried and rejected some of those boring, conventional team games - the type that involve drinking straws and paper-clips, or unrealistic Arctic Survival scenarios, or Lego, or role plays. Our team games and activities have real impact.

We've developed a set of DIY team activities and games because we know that bringing in an external provider is not always the best option. All our activities and games have real impact.  We show you how to run a great team activity with fully detailed instructions - you can purchase or make your own kits, whilst we provide the briefs and licence or you can purchase the whole kit to be posted on to you. All activities are easily transportable without any heavy or bulky items. So now, for the first time, the DIY option is worth serious consideration.

You can use our DIY activities in many situations. Here are just some suggestions:

  •  Team building programmes - observe a team in action
  •  Leadership training - get each participant taking the team leader role
  •  Conference energisers - no dropping off to sleep!
  •  Icebreakers - perfect to get people talking and mixing
  •  Perfect to liven up any training course or event
  •  Kids and youth groups love them too! Great ideas for schools.

So Let's get Started! Here's Our List of Team Building Exercises to Choose From!

  • (More to be added very soon - but in the meantime take a look at our fabulous ice breaker games collections to include team building games!)

Incredible Ice Breaker Games & Ideas - Corporate Collection
Incredible Ice Breaker Games & Ideas - Corporate Collection
Electrify your events and corporate meetings with our best ever collection of over 50 incredible icebreaker games and ideas. Used the world over for training, away days, team meetings, conferences, fun days and team building.

The Ultimate Icebreakers - Complete Collection includes BONUS
The Ultimate Icebreakers - Complete Collection includes BONUS
The "Incredible Ice Breaker Games & Ideas - The Complete Collection" comprises the entire collection of all our Corporate, Youth and Party Icebreakers. Each one is interchangeable and indispensible. Together they will ensure you are ready for any event! For a limited time this also includes 3 Fabulous Fun Team Activities as a BONUS!