Ice Breakers for Training, Meetings, Events & Corporate Activities!

“Hi, my name is Phil England. I have worked in the events and training industry for over 25 years now and I've built up a fair amount of knowledge and expertise along the way. One massive thing I've learnt is - what makes people tick - and in my business, Eventus, we have used icebreakers to successfully kick-start all manner of training days and events, team building meetings, away days and conferences for our corporate clients - some of the biggest names in the industry "

Why use an ice breaker anyway?

A short and simple ice breaker has people interacting in ways that would be difficult and take a long time otherwise. They reduce that awkward initial meeting and greeting bit where people try and find out a bit about each other or stand silently around waiting for proceedings to begin. A successful ice breaker game is prepared in advance, rehearsed and appropriately matched to the audience with people literally foaming at the mouth, eager to get started on the day's content ...

  • releases tension at the start of the event
  • relaxes people and gets them in the mood for learning and listening
  • engages heart, body and soul
  • makes people laugh and raises levels of endorphins.

My ebook on corporate icebreakers is my ultimate collection. Over 50 of my favourite icebreakers have been selected from over 25 years experience of running corporate team building events, training and experiences. I have included my all time favourites and sorted the best from the rest. There's plenty of choice, excellent ideas to make your event turbo-charged.

No where else on the internet can you find such an imaginative selection of ready to use games and ideas, ready for you to bring the fun and energy to your event, ready for you to ramp up your meeting and catapult your delegate's expectations into the stratosphere. Whilst they're having fun you will capture their imagination and get people ready to work together. The essence of success is in the preparation and with these carefully chosen icebreakers your delegates will be fresh, energized and ready to get on with the main business of the day

I want you to be able to emulate my success, and here I share with you the best icebreaker ideas and games I know.

To your success!

Incredible Ice Breaker Games & Ideas - Corporate Collection
Incredible Ice Breaker Games & Ideas - Corporate Collection
Electrify your events and corporate meetings with our best ever collection of over 50 incredible icebreaker games and ideas. Used the world over for training, away days, team meetings, conferences, fun days and team building.

or for a limited time you can order the entire collection of icebreakers for all occasions at an amazing price!

The Ultimate Icebreakers - Complete Collection includes BONUS
The Ultimate Icebreakers - Complete Collection includes BONUS
The "Incredible Ice Breaker Games & Ideas - The Complete Collection" comprises the entire collection of all our Corporate, Youth and Party Icebreakers. Each one is interchangeable and indispensible. Together they will ensure you are ready for any event! For a limited time this also includes 3 Fabulous Fun Team Activities as a BONUS!