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Sometimes you need a fun ice breaker that's quick, simple and easy and can be ready in minutes.

Here’s a few ideas to get you started – we’ve got lots of other short and easy ice breakers and games in our “Incredible Ice Breaker Games & Ideas” ebook

Match Famous Couples

Prepare enough strips of paper for one each for each of your guests. Write down the name of one part of a famous couple on each. When your guests arrive stick one of the strips onto their back. Tell them to find out who they are and then to find their partner by asking questions to other guests who may only reply with a yes or a no.


Have the group mill around the space for a while.  Explain that we are always trying to CONNECT with people in all forms of life whether for business or pleasure. Here's a game that will help you form a few more connections. Don't forget to introduce yourself as you go along. When the facilitator shouts "CONNECT" they each find a partner and wait for the next instructions which will usually be something like:

  • foot to foot
  • toe to toe
  • hand to hand
  • knee to knee
  • arm to arm
  • shoulder to shoulder

Or more complicated instructions like:

  • left shoulder to right arm
  • right foot to left toe
  • right arm to right leg

Or more risky and only to be used for very familiar groups:

  • ear to ear
  • nose to nose
  • head to head

If you have an odd number of people, the odd person out becomes the caller


Have about 20 people make 2 circles, one inside the other. The outer circle is facing inside and the inner circle is facing out so everyone is facing each other. The inner circle obviously needs to be smaller than the outer circle so ask participants to link arms. The outer circle should stand a few paces aprt but opposite one of the inner members. When the facilitator shouts "ROTATE" ask the inner circle to move slowly clockwise and when you say "STOP" greet the person opposite and find out their name. After a few seconds shout "ROTATE" again and "STOP" to greet the next person.


  • Take a couple of minutes to find out more abou the new person
  • Switch music on and off  instead of shouting "ROTATE" and "STOP"
  • Have the outer circle move anticlockwise whilst the inner circle is moving clockwise

Musical Chairs with a Difference

Layout 2 rows of chairs back to back, enough chairs to seat each person. Ask participants to move around the chairs in a large circle. When the music stops everyone takes a seat, turns and leans over to shake hands & greet the person behind them.

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