Christmas Party Games

Christmas is that special time of year when families gather together to celebrate the birth of Christ through festive activities. Here’s a few Christmas party games to get your children involved in decorating and enjoying the Christmas spirit.


A lovely game  for children at Christmas time is to trim the Christmas tree when blindfolded. Stand a small tree at one end of the room, ready to be trimmed. Have all the ornaments on a table nearby, ready to be put on the tree.

Blindfold the children one at a time, lead them to the table to take their pick. The first thing touched must be taken, and after turning the child around three times turn them towards the tree.

When they reach the tree, they must hang the ornament, tinsel etc. After a while turn the tree around otherwise it will only get decorated on one side. Take as many turns as they wish.


Suspend a large bunch of mistletoe from a ceiling lamp or chandelier. The children, one at a time, stand under the mistletoe, and guess how many berries there are on it. The berries are counted when all have guessed. The one coming the nearest receives a prize.


At any time this is an easy game to play with one or more children. Take turns to say "I spy something on the Christmas tree beginning with T" The correct answer is Tinsel. When whoever is guessing gets it right they change places with the Spier until everyone has a turn.


Suspend a large Christmas wreath in a doorway at a convenient height from the floor. Give everyone 3 sheets of white paper to scrunch into snowballs.

The players stand about eight feet from the wreath, and take turns, one at a time. Each is given three "snowballs," and the one who
succeeds in throwing all three, one at a time, through the wreath, is given the prize.

To make it more interesting, form 2 teams and number each of the 3 snowballs 5, 10, 20. If the ball numbered 5 goes through, it scores 5 for that team. If it doesn't go through it's a loss of 5 points etc. The team scoring the most points is the winner.


Christmas funRead or make up a story based on "The Night before Christmas". Give each child the name of some part of Santa Claus' outfit eg. the sleigh, the reindeer, boots, hat etc. and agree an action or sound for each.

The host then reads the well-known story, "The Night Before Christmas." Every time  the words appear in the story the child performs the action eg. when the sleigh is mentioned the child rings a bell, or when Santa pulls on his boots the child stamps his feet or for the reindeer the child might stand up and place his hands or arms on his head shaping the antlers. When Santa Claus is mentioned everyone changes places.


Here's a good old-fashioned game, great for the end of a Christmas party for small children:

The children form a square, each one holding the sides of an old sheet. Place in the centre all kinds of goodies such as chocolates, cookies, nuts, fruit, small gifts.  When the signal is given, the children all together toss the cloth up and
down, singing:

"Toss the goodies up and down,
Up and down, up and down,
Toss the goodies up and down,
Goodies for you and me."

When the last line is sung, an extra large toss is made and all the goodies go flying all over the room. The children then scurry about picking up the goodies. What they find they keep!

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