No More Dull Training Sessions With Our Ice Breaker Collection!

The best training ice breakers and games are those that are relevant to the main topic of the day but are also keenly suited to the participants, but there is also a place for the pure fun icebreaker too!

When the training topic is heavy going, a training game, icebreaker/energiser at various points in the day brings to life an otherwise possibly dull training session. But this wouldn't be you though, would it?!

When planning your training session, first think about who the participants are?

  •  Do they work for the same company, business, charity, group etc?
  • Are they a team?
  • Or are they individuals who don't know each other at all?
  • Do they have any connections at all?
  • If they are individuals they are unlikely to know each other, introductory icebreakers would be a great start. Even in cases where everyone knows each other it is probably best to start with a name game so YOU can get to know the group too!

There are so many simple name games you can use:

Alphabetic Introductions
The Business Card Game
Name Game
Quick Intros
Peter & Paul
Sweet Introductions
Juggle Ball
Get In Line

Descriptions of all of these can be found in our Incredible Ice Breaker Games & Ideas - Corporate Collection

You might then follow on with an icebreaker that might disclose a bit more about the person, so people can start to build relationships:

Hidden talents
Sentence Construction

Descriptions of all of these can be found in our Incredible Ice Breaker Games & Ideas - Corporate Collection

You might then follow with a lead-in question such as "what  questions do you have that you're really hoping to get answered by today's training session?" It would be a good idea to record names and questions on a flip chart as you go around the room. You can tell people as they state their questions whether it will be covered in the session or not. Listen carefully because these questions will ensure what you've got prepared is relevant to your participants. At the end of the session go back around the room and ask if participants had their questions answered. If not, maybe suggest ways in which they will get their needs met.

Throughout the day you can throw in icebreakers and energisers at various points. When the mood is tense or participants are in the post lunch sleepy phase, or when you just need a break! By careful use of icebreakers in training sessions you will ensure "there is never a dull moment!" with you.

Don't ever let your training sessions be known to be dull! Even the dullest topic can be fun with the addition of icebreakers!

Don't forget the end of the training session too! There are some fantastic ways of ending training with creative closers such as drawing a route of your journey whilst on the program capturing the highs and lows, feelings and encounter,s and then sharing them with others. Writing postcards and having the trainer post them out in 6 months time is a great way for reminding participants of goal setting objectives.

Here we can supply you with a ready to use collection of our very best icebreakers, used with groups for over 20 years. Right at you finger tips, you can download our collection to your PC or laptop right away., and if you download to your laptop you will never be without an icebreaker to liven up proceedings, whenever you want it - you'll never run short. Our icebreaker collection travels with you and takes the headache out of endless searching and rummaging for suitable games.

It's all in one place - a superb, handy and time-saving reference.
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Incredible Ice Breaker Games & Ideas - Corporate Collection
Incredible Ice Breaker Games & Ideas - Corporate Collection
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