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Posts Tagged ‘Treasure Hunt’

Valentine’s QR Treasure Hunt

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My Very Own Valentine's Day QR Treasure Hunt



Finding Flowers in the Shed

Finding Flowers in the Shed

No breakfast in bed for me this Valentine's Day. This morning I woke to a Valentine's card instructing me to get up and follow the QR trail. What fun, except the weather was so bad even the dog wouldn't go outside! I grabbed my waterproofs, wellies and phone with QR scanner and set off. First clue was found at the bottom of the no-through road sign at the end of the road. Oh, I hope no dogs had been sniffing around!

"Next clue is a bit tacky" it said so off I headed to the  stables. Each clue had a bag of chocolates attached – aah nice touch

Third clue was in the office and finally a bunch of flowers in the garden shed! Well done Phil – a great fun treasure hunt.

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Treasure Hunt Marriage Proposal

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Treasure Hunt of Love

Love is definitely in the air! I just read about this particularly romantic gesture and thought what a brilliant, novel way to use a treasure hunt. It really got me thinking how else you might customize a treasure hunt..?? Ideas please!

I’m Guido from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I proposed to my wife almost three years ago on Easter. I came up with the idea of proposing in her hometown of Tandil with a treasure hunt. The idea was to make her leave the house, and then fill it with candles to set the atmosphere. The objective was to set up an easy, understandable route with a cloud solution and a bulletproof system… so I used a web-based QR creator, the BlackBerry QR reader, Dropbox as a file system for all the pics and music, and auto-adhesive paper to stick the QR codes all over the city.

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