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Goal Setting

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Setting goalsAs trainers we're often looking for novel training games, energizers and ice breakers to elevate our training programmes from dull to dynamic. training games that neatly illustrate a concept such as communication or leadership are trainer's gold dust! Most trainers have a few of these up their sleeves.

If your training session ends with a goal setting session, here's a really easy and effective training closer idea you can use to make the goal setting stick.

Give each person a postcard and then get them to write it to themselves, recording goals and anything significant learnt. Once the postcards have been filled out, take them and post them to the delegates in 6 months time. It's a very handy reminder of goals set and will be a very nice surprise in 6 months time.

Sharon Naylor has tons more training games, ice breakers and energisers up her sleeves. Check out the ice breaker ideas website for hundreds of novel ideas for elevating your training programmes and making them a fun as well as a learning experience. Her blog details new training games and ice breakers every week. Be sure to check it out!

Ice Breakers for Training

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Training Ice Breakers - Why You Should Get Your Audience Involved

The more you can get your audience involved the greater their levels of attention and contribution to the messages you are trying to get across. How can you do this? By use of well thought out ice breaker games to raise energy levels and add a level of surprise.
Here's a few ideas:
  • Divide the room into 2 teams and throw out a few wacky questions related to the topic in hand. First team to get the right answer scores a point.
  • Have a few brainteasers to either hand out or display on a large screen related to the presentation or training topic.
  • Have teams brainstorm a few pertinent questions related to your topics - pros and cons, new ideas etc.
  • Use physical ice breakers when people have been sitting for long periods. Try a simple bit of stretching or a physical exercise like - Knots:


Group size: Any number of teams usually teams of 6 to 8 work best
Time: 15 minutes
Equipment needed: none

Divide group into even numbered teams of no more than 10 per team. Ask each person to put their right arm into the centre and take hold of someone else’s hand, ensuring it is not the people on either side of them. Then ask them to put their left hand into the centre and take hold of someone else, also ensuring they do not hold onto the people on either side of them. Break the knot in one place and ask the team to unravel themselves without letting go.

Always be on the lookout for fun puzzles and games you can buy or use for your training. Do anything you can do to make the session fun and lively and encourage participation, and your audience will be enthralled. There is nothing worse than one-way communication. And don't forget you can use fun puzzles and ice breakers throughout the day and when energy is low.

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