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Training Course Closers

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Sharon's GraduationMy small business course at Swansea University finally came to an end just recently....great shame because I was really enjoying it! Fantastic to share ideas and working practises with other small businesses. Well at least my parents finally get to have a graduation photo of me on their wall after all this time. I didn't attend my graduation ceremony first time round - instead I worked as a camp counsellor in America and for many years there has been a hole on the wall with 3 sisters in cap and gown and me on a horse!

Getting back to the course, it ended with a really nice training course closer. We were asked to think back over our time on the course and plot it as a journey on paper with colourful crayons and markers. Quite a few people were immediately horrified at the prospect of creating a peice of artwork for public humiliation, especially as quite a few masterpieces from previous groups were shown, supposedly to give us an idea but only served to highlight our inadequacies. So large sheets of paper and pens were handed out and we were given about 20 minutes to get creative. A few people looked dumbfounded but most got on with it.

Training Course Closer - My Journey"Think about your goals; your highs and lows; any significant achievements or milestones and record your journey pictorially" they said.

After time was up each person in turn took it upon themselves to deliver their journeys to the rest of us. It might sound corny but it was a really neat way to share how the program had impacted upon us all and to say goodbye.

This training course closer is an excellent way of ending the program and can be used by many groups and teams whose time together has come to an end. Sharon Naylor is passionate about learning and

development and she has developed a repertoire of ice breaker games and team building activities that can be used for many groups. Check out her ice breaker ideas website for tons of excellent ideas to make your training programs and social gatherings sizzle!

Goal Setting

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Setting goalsAs trainers we're often looking for novel training games, energizers and ice breakers to elevate our training programmes from dull to dynamic. training games that neatly illustrate a concept such as communication or leadership are trainer's gold dust! Most trainers have a few of these up their sleeves.

If your training session ends with a goal setting session, here's a really easy and effective training closer idea you can use to make the goal setting stick.

Give each person a postcard and then get them to write it to themselves, recording goals and anything significant learnt. Once the postcards have been filled out, take them and post them to the delegates in 6 months time. It's a very handy reminder of goals set and will be a very nice surprise in 6 months time.

Sharon Naylor has tons more training games, ice breakers and energisers up her sleeves. Check out the ice breaker ideas website for hundreds of novel ideas for elevating your training programmes and making them a fun as well as a learning experience. Her blog details new training games and ice breakers every week. Be sure to check it out!