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Communication Activities

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Here's one of my favourite communication games that's easy to set-up and use straight away.

Write on a piece of paper a number from one to ten, place in a hat and ask students to draw a number.

Without speaking, writing or showing their number to anyone else and not holding their up fingers, ask them line up in numerical order from 1-10.

People will probably stand around looking confused, so after a while you could give a few hints by tapping your foot or fingers, blinking,  jumping up and down, snapping fingers etc.

When the activity finishes, ask:

  •  how difficult it was with out being able to speak or write?
  •  Could they think of other ways we might communicate?
  • Make a list of things people do to communicate with others eg. sign language, body language, facial expressions, body movement, written language, pictures & drawings, text etc.

Then ask the group to consider what it must be like for people to communicate if they have a disability which might make it difficult to share thoughts and feelings.

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