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Halloween Games

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Spooky Games Looking to have a bit of scary fun this Halloween?

Why not try our Halloween Howler?

Hopefully it will scare the pants off your friends!

This is a night walk with a difference and works best with a small group or team if you're doing this at work. It can be as short or as long as you want but you will need a flash light per person. You will also need to prepare map sections and a “coffin” or treasure box filled with goodies in advance.

  • Draw up a map of your local grounds or search area – this could be the grounds of a park or big garden – suggest you keep to a small, safe area. Draw a route on the map using red ink (blood) clearly marking the START and COFFIN at the end. Cut the map into about 5 or 6 sections. Each section should also have an x marked on it where the group will find the next section of the map. Make the X in an obvious spot like the foot of a tree or gate. Laminate each section of the map. There needs to be enough detail on the map for people to follow and you should be willing to give clues if your map is not up to the job!!
  • Prepare the nightwalk by putting the map sections out into their places eg. under the tree, by the gate etc. Make sure they cannot blow away or be picked –up by anyone if in a public area. You could staple the map sections to trees, gateposts etc. but make sure you pick them up afterwards. Suggest you also number the map sections to avoid confusion if other map sections are found by mistake.
  • Place the “coffin” at the end. This takes the place of the traditional treasure box. This could be a large box with a cross marked on it. Inside the box you could place lots of horrible things like plastic skulls, spiders, rats etc. as well as a few prizes – chocolates etc. Make sure the box is well hidden to avoid finding it before the final section.
  •  Take your team to the start and give them the first section of the map. Tell them their challenge is to find the “COFFIN” by following the red trail.
  •  I would suggest you accompany the group to avoid them getting lost. To make things a bit more fun you could hang a white sheet in a tree for a ghost effect or place a few challenges along the way and reward success with the portion of the map.

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