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Royal Wedding Street Party Games & Ideas

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Garden PartyIn less than 48 hours the wedding of the year will be upon us - Prince William will marry Kate Middleton in what is bound to be a brilliant spectacle of British pomp and pageantry.

How will you celebrate the royal wedding?

Here in Britain, we have traditionally celebrated a royal wedding with a street party. Roads are closed; tables and chairs form long lines in the middle of the road; bunting is flying high from one house to the next and tea is served with sandwiches and cakes. Today though it is as likely to be an informal BBQ with the friends and neighbours though more than 4000 applications for road closures have been applied for 4 weeks ago and many more are expected.

Here in Britain, street parties date back to the first world war when peace was proclaimmed and people came out into the streets to celebrate. Later street parties became the norm for royal weddings and jubilees; the silver jubilee of George V  and the coronation of George VI in 1937. Friday 29th April 2011 has been declared a national holiday for the UK.

After watching the 11am ceremony we will hot foot it over to the local pub for food and drinks in the garden and some sort of entertainment. This is likely to be games and music. Everyone will bring food and it will be a real community affair.

Why not celebrate with the happy couple  and plan your own street party, BBQ or picnic. There's still time to get friends and family together.  And organise a fantastically entertaining game of "Mr and Mrs" for some good old-fashioned fun! Here's how to play:

Mr and Mrs

Group size: 7+ (3 couples and the quiz master) Time: 30+ minutes

Equipment needed: Prepare a list of questions in advance such as: 

  • Your best ever holiday
  • Your favourite type of food
  • The food you most hate
  • Favourite pastime or sport
  • Favourite film, book, artist 

You could have questions with a choice of answers such as: 

  • Would you say your husband is an extrovert or introvert?
  • Prefers take-off to landing?
  • Would rather go on a beach holiday or active holiday?
  • Wine or beer? 

street party foodOnce you have your questions sorted out ask for a volunteer couple to come forward. Ask the wife to take the hot seat and send the husband out of earshot. Ask the wife the questions and record the answers. Now get the husband back and put him in the hot seat. Tell the husband the questions and ask for the answer he thinks his wife will have given. For every correct answer they will score 1 point. Keep a record of the scores and ask for the next couple. Ask a different set of questions. Have about 3 or 4 questions per couple. Keep going for as long as you have volunteers or for a few rounds. Remember people get bored when games go on too long. About 5 or 6 couples is probably about the maximum number. The couple with the most right answers is the winner and you may need to prepare tiebreaker questions and don’t forget the prizes too.

Sharon Naylor is passionate about games and ice breakers  for work, play, parties, meetings, groups and clubs. In fact anywhere people are connecting to others whether it be for the first time or even when familiar with each other. If you would like to find some great ideas for your street party visit the ice breaker ideas web-site for hundreds of amazing games and fun icebreakers and make your party sizzle....!