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"4 of My All Time Favourite Ice Breakers"

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Garden Party Ice Breakers

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Splat the Rat!

Splat the Rat!

Great Pub Game - Aunt Sally
Great Pub Game - Aunt Sally

 We ran a fantastic team building event last week making full use of our collection of Old Fashioned British Pub Games (and a few not so old and not so British). Although it was a corporate team building event it would make a really good party idea and/ice breaker.

Our team building event was held on the lawns of a priory on a gloriously hot sunny afternoon. The atmosphere was soon relaxed when participants discovered the fun to be had with these brilliant games. Have you ever tried Aunt Sally? or Ring the Bull? Quoits? Northamptonshire Skittles? Dutch shuffleboard? Splat the Rat? If not you're missing out on a lot of fun!

 So if you want to have a great lawn or garden party why not hire some of these games or even purchase a few and build up a collection? They're always great fun party ice breakers and can be used all year round, indoors and outdoors. We use them all the time for our own parties as well as team building and ice breaker events. Watch out though - you will need lots of storage space and once people know you have got them, you and your games will always be in demand.  

 How to use the games? You can either have a relaxed "have-a-go event" where you lay out the games and people wander around having a go at whatever they please. Or for a more frantic and exciting event, divide people into teams and run a round robin from game to game. You will need to work out a scoring system for each game and have a hooter to blow at the end of each round.

For more great party ideas and ice breaker games to instantly make your parties sizzle this season visit the Ice Breaker Ideas web-site