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NATO Meetings Ice Breaker

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Topical Ice Breaker on NATO for a Meeting this week

NATO Meetings Ice Breaker Game

NATO Meetings Ice Breaker Game

Such an important gathering of world leaders is taking place at the moment  in South Wales where I live. It is the largest gathering of international leaders ever to take place in the UK.

More than 60 world leaders are attending including US President Barack Obama and British PM David Cameron. Thousands more of their entourages will also be at the event, including representatives from each of the 28 Nato member countries.

Nearly 10,000 police officers from forces across England and Wales have mounted a major security operation. Right now they will be talking about Ukraine, Iraq and Afghanistan

It is such a serious debate at a time of real importance, however if you are holding a meeting today you could introduce a  hot topic  ice breaker along the lines of:

List as many of the 28 NATO countries as you can, work in pairs or small groups

Answers with joining dates:

ALBANIA (2009)
BELGIUM (1949)
CANADA (1949)
CROATIA (2009)
DENMARK (1949)
ESTONIA (2004)
FRANCE (1949)
GERMANY (1955)
GREECE (1952)
HUNGARY (1999)
ICELAND (1949)
ITALY (1949)
LATVIA (2004) 

NORWAY (1949)
POLAND (1999)
ROMANIA (2004)
SPAIN (1982)
TURKEY (1952)

You could also ask:

  • list as many of the leaders of the 28 countries as you can (tricky as there are presidents, prime ministers, chancellors etc)
  • Flags of the NATO countries match to country

For more brilliant  topical and leadership ice breakers for your meetings visit the ice breaker ideas website