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Communication Icebreakers

communications icebreakerHere's a great little communications exercise, ice breaker or warm-up suitable for any kind of group training or team building session. There is no limit on size of group and it takes only 10 to 15 minutes.

Use random objects to create a minefield such as pieces of paper, clothing or file folders. Give the team members the “mines” and have them disperse them over a field or gym floor. After the mines are all set up, separate the team into pairs of people. Provide a blindfold for one of the people and allow the other person to have sight. Instruct the pairs that the person with sight has to successfully guide their team mate through the minefield using just words. Allow all the pairs to go at the same time so that each blindfolded person has to listen closely for their leader.

Review the exercise by asking participants to name the skills needed to successfully complete the task

  • How easy or difficult was it to hear instructions?
  • Were the instructions accurate enough to be able to complete the task?
  • How did it feel to be blindfolded?

This useful communication icebreaker illustrates leadership, communication and listening skills, building trust, giving and receiving accurate instructions.

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Communication Activities

How good is your comunication? Really? How often do you really listen to your spouse, colleague or employee?

How often do you interrupt, talk over people and avoid looking at that person in the eye?  How many people conduct a one way conversation, talking at you without giving you the opportunity to take part in the conversation? For me this is an instant switch off!

Here's a neat little communication activity to try with your training programs or with your groups. It's called "Sparkling Moment"

2 people pair up to take part in this communications game: A and B.

A has 2 minutes to narrate their "sparkling moment" to B. This could be an achievement or something really fantastic that happened to them. Whilst A is telling the story, B must keep still and expressionless and cannot speak.

After A has finished telling the story B gives A feedback on how A came across - body language, facial expressions, enthusiasm, smiles etc. A must listen only and not interrupt.

Then allow 5 minutes to reflect on the experience.

How did A feel when they were telling the story? How did they feel at the end of the story. How easy was it to tell a story without receiving gestures. How easy was it to receive feedback without being able to clarify or interrupt? How useful was the feedback?

How did B feel unable to speak and expressionless? How easy was it to listen and concentrate? How easy was it to give feedback effectively?

Then swop over roles and repeat.

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