My 4 Favourite Icebreakers!

"4 of My All Time Favourite Ice Breakers"

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Guidelines for Ice Breakers

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The main aim of an ice breaker game is to create a comfortable atmosphere in which to operate for all concerned. Relaxed participants are much more likely to contribute in a positive way to the rest of the meeting.
Don't limit the use of a great ice breaker to the start of the session. Use ice breakers half way through proceedings or when the situation is starting to become a little uncomfortable

Physical ice breakers are brilliant for that after lunch slot when people are feeling sleepy. Try singing or stretching or a team building activity.

Here's a few helpful guidelines:

  • Be organised. Make sure you have all your props and equipment.
  • Don't use ice breakers that will make your participants be uncomfortable, embarrassed or look silly
  • Don't pressurize people to take part - this would not be a good start
  • Allow plenty of time - they always take more time than you think
  • Use ice breaker games throughout the day to energize participants.
  • Don't complicate instructions - make them plain and simple
  • Make sure everyone is listening when you give out instructions
  • Don't labour a game if it is working - cut it and say "we'll try another"
  • Make sure people are enjoying the games and having fun - "keep in tune" with your participants

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