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Ice Breaker Games & Ideas

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Last time we spoke about devising your own ice breaker games for your training sessions, no matter what kind of training you are carrying out. Even hard core training topicsĀ benefit fromĀ a bit of fun, in fact these are the very topics that would benefit most from the use of ice breaker games.

Some ideas: you could use competitior brands to stimulate a discussion. You could split into teams and have small quizzes giving the description of products and asking the teams to name them. You could give out brand logos and ask teams to identify them. For car sales people you could ask for their name and then ask them to share the first car they ever owned. This is fun but it also gives other people something to latch onto for further discussions. You could ask accountants what job they would do if they weren't an accountant.

Just think about your group and your audience and think about a topic they could relate to, then either put it into a question form and ask people to share or make into a quiz for teams.

A little bit of imagination goes a long way and a great, relevant ice breaker game can turn a dull training session into a memorable event. More great ice breaker games and ideas can be found on our web-site

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