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Halloween Game

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Halloween GamesOne Halloween game that is an absolute must this Halloween is a game I know as "Killer" but you might know it as "Wink Murder". We have played this game for years with one set of godchildren and they are now aged 13 and 14 and they still want to play it. It's so easy to set up and you don't need any equipment other than pen and paper.

Preparation – you will need a raffle ticket size piece of paper per person. On one ticket write the word MURDERER and on another write DETECTIVE. Leave all the others blank. Fold all tickets to same size and place in the container.

 Halloween FunGet everyone to sit in a circle and pass the container around to get everyone to draw a ticket. Once everyone has viewed their ticket in secret, they should replace the tickets in the container. Ask for the DETECTIVE to take their place in the middle of the circle.

 The idea is for the detective to identify the murderer before the last 3 people remain in the circle. If the murderer is discovered before the last 3 people remain in the circle the DETECTIVE is the winner. If not the MURDERER is the winner. The DETECTIVE has only 1 guess at naming the MURDERER

 Explain that the MURDERER will kill people by winking at them. Obviously they need to do it when the murderer is not looking. Everyone but the detective has to remain silent unless they are winked at and die in the most hideous circumstances with screams and drop to the floor.

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