My 4 Favourite Icebreakers!

"4 of My All Time Favourite Ice Breakers"

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ice breaker gamesDo you bring people together for a reason? Bringing people together and making the reason you bring people together a great success, cannot be left to chance. No matter what your event, whether it be for a party, reunion, corporate function, youth group, sports group or business meeting, using a well chosen ice breaker game can relax people and really get them on your side. So then making the rest of the meeting or event a much easier proposition to handle. When people are enjoying themselves and having fun they are much more amenable!

On Thursday, I am attending a programme for business leaders at my local university. It's a first meeting for 30 people who don't know each other and lo and behold we've been asked to bring something for an ice breaker we're going to do - Show and Tell - one of my favourites. It's so simple and easy;

Show and Tell

Bring an item that represents you and your business and then tell everyone else by way of introduction why the item is so significant

Be ready to be amazed! It's so quick and easy and will introduce people to one another in a fun way whilst breaking down barriers quickly

There are more freeĀ ice breaker games and downloadable collections on ourĀ ice breaker ideas web-site.

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