My 4 Favourite Icebreakers!

"4 of My All Time Favourite Ice Breakers"

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Creative Problem Solving

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If you are at a stumbling block in your meeting or training session, consider getting people to stand up, find some space and do a bit of simple stretching. Obviously you will need to learn a few stretches yourself before you do this! A few stretches of the arms,neck and shoulders, for a few minutes, will do wonders for the body, especially after sitting for long periods.

This would also be a great  warm-up, energizer or ice breaker, and especially as a lead-in to a creative session. When you have finished stretching tell people that now they have stretched their bodies, you want them to stretch their minds. Give them a few fun problem solvers, or lateral thinking exercises, to get them thinking outside the box and then offer them the topic that presents the stumbling block.

Tell the group they worked really well solving the brainteasers and now you want them to apply the same creativity to the issue in hand. Ask them to look at the pluses and minuses related to the subject and to brainstorm ideas and solutions around the subject. Only after a thorough discussion around the subject should you try to close with a solution.

Make sure you record all your ideas on a flipchart for future use.

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