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"4 of My All Time Favourite Ice Breakers"

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Christmas Conference

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Got a Christmas conference this week or next. Looking for a last minute idea to have a bit of festive fun with your audience? Look no further we have the perfect sit in your seat Christmas conference ice breaker. It's so easy - we don't know why we didn't think of it before!

If your delegates are seated in rows its tricky to do an ice breaker or some kind of break out session to get people involved, keep them engaged and stop then falling asleep.

Ready for Pass the Parcel?

Ready for Pass the Parcel?

So what about the traditional Christmas party game of "Pass the Parcel"?

In advance you will need to make up loads of pretty, wrapped and exciting looking parcels with lots of layers.

When the music starts (yes you will need piped music of some sort) feed the presents in at the start of row A and get them to pass along the row. When they get to the end they pass it onto the person behind them on the next row and they pass it down their row and so on until it reaches the end of the rows. When the parcel gets to the end of all the rows have some one on hand to take it back to the start of row A and feed it in again.

At random times begin to feed more parcels in at the start so you might have 20 parcels being passed around the rows at a time. Of course the exciting bit is when the music stops and the lucky people holding the parcel get take off a layer. At this point it could be a layer of wrapping or it could include some small gift, a corporate message or a daft item to wear eg. paper hat, plastic glasses etc. Be careful not to make this too ridiculous or to set out to embarrass people - the spirit of Christmas should always be kept in mind.

The most exciting bit is when the final layer is taken off the present and the person who does that gets to keep the present.

As there are lots of parcels on the way round and with different number of layers - keep going until the last present is opened. This could be an extra special parcel - the last parcel to be opened with more layers of wrapping than the others could be the best!

Good luck - you are sure to have fun with this festive Christmas conference game

For shed loads more brilliant ice breaker games and ideas for Christmas, conferences and team building, check out the ice breaker ideas web-site NOW! If you like this game please press the LIKE button. If you think you can use this conference ice breaker leave me a comment!

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